Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Raised Salt Painting

This is our second time trying this craft. The first time I don't think we added enough salt on the glue because the second time around went much smoother making sure the glue was completely covered! Paint is a popular item in our house, we use it often. When I ran my own child care we went through bottles of paint quickly. It is so messy but so fun! I think it's relaxing too! For this craft I would suggest using water color paint. You can use the cake paint, but it doesn't work as well. We only had cake paint on hand so that's what we ended up using.

You will need: Thick white paper, table salt, white glue, water colors, and a paint brush

Start making your glue design. Piglet decided on a smile design

Cover your glue with salt. Make sure it is completely covered, shake off excess salt

Get the color you would like and gently touch the paint brush to the salt. The magic starts! The paint will creep up on the salt and spread out. It's fun to watch and fun to watch the kids expression as the magic works! Remind the kids they barely have to touch the salt, if you push too hard it will squash the glue and won't work as well

Here is the finished project before it was dry. She ended up using too much water but she was completely happy with her smile! Now go have some fun!


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