Friday, April 5, 2013

Water Bead Fun!

I have been wanting to get water beads for a long time for Piglet to try out but kept forgetting. We were at the dollar store loading up on some fun craft items and there they were! Looking at us from the shelf, I think I was equally excited to purchase them as Piglet. They had red and white so we had to get both! On our way we went to give them a try!

We opened up both containers and combined them in a bin we had and the fun began! I think there are some kinds that you have to add water to before the beads become absorbed and full size, but these were all ready to go!

They are such a fun texture! They are squishy, slippery, springy, jelly like and really bouncy if you drop them. Careful not to squeeze too hard or they can crack open
It can be messy so try to keep it contained to some kind of container. Piglet thought it was funny when she put them in a funnel. They didn't fit through but the pressure of the bead caused the funnel to give them a tail. It made them look like a tadpole!
What the containers look like

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