Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How To Test Expired Eggs

I am forever buying eggs and then forgetting about them before they expire. I usually toss any food item that is expired, even if I think it's still ok. I had food poisoning twice and never want it again. It is such a violent sickness that I would never wish upon anyone! Thankfully eggs are easy to test! Make sure to do this trick before you toss your eggs and buy new ones!

Step 1: Find a deep bowl and fill it with water. Deep enough to submerge the egg

Step 2: Gently put the egg in the water

Step 3: The egg with either sink or float. If the egg sinks, it is still fresh and safe to eat. If it floats, it has gone bad and not safe to eat. Toss it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Udi's Tortillas

Sometimes it is hard to find good gluten free products that hold up to the task compared to its gluten containing counterparts. One of my favorites is Udi's! They have great products and I am always excited when they come out with new products! I had to give the tortillas a try. They come in two sizes, one package containing 6 and the other 8.

We love to make quesadillas so thought we would give these a try! For dinner tonight we made gluten free, dairy free, Chicken Ranch Quesadillas. I used these tortillas, shredded chicken, and dairy free ranch dressing. They turned out great! The gluten free tortillas are the closest I have had to gluten containing tortillas. They are soft, bendable, feel like flour tortillas, and taste like them too!! We were pleasantly surprised and will for sure be purchasing these again!! Next we will try them for soft shell tacos! Yay Udi's, you are a favorite for a reason!!