Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween School Lunch & Treats!

I love doing special things for holidays. When I ran my own child care we had such fun with crafts and special meals and treats! Piglet has a class party today and can't have a lot of what they are serving because her diet is so restricted. So I made some things at home to send with her, I never want her to feel left out because she can't eat what other kids can. Thankfully her teacher is fantastic and let me know what I needed to send so it was similar to the rest of the kids. I also wanted to make a fun lunch that was Halloween theme! Here is what I made:

Her class was getting frosted donuts as a treat so I made some chocolate donuts with frosting of course! They are gluten and dairy free. She brought one and I will freeze the rest for special treats when we need them! What I used:

Bobs Red Mill gluten and dairy free chocolate cake mix. The only reason I picked this one was because it was on sale. I followed the directions but replaced the oil with pear sauce to lessen the fat. Then scooped the batter into a zip lock bag and cut the corner so it was easier to fill the donut pan. Baked for 15 minutes at 350 degrees and let cool. 
When they were cooled I frosted them. I used Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Classic white. It is gluten and dairy free. 

To make it less like cake frosting and more like donut frosting I melted in the microwave to make it thinner and then added orange food coloring. Took the donut and dipped it in the frosting and let it set. Then did the same thing with the chocolate version of the frosting and drizzled that across the orange! Dada, done! They were pretty tasty and Piglet was super excited to bring one to school!! 
I also decorated a juice box as a mummy. I have seen these on Pinterest before and looked easy enough! I didn't have tape that would work on hand so just used some balloon ribbon I had and wrapped it around, taping every once in a while and glued googly eyes on! Turned out cute!
For lunch I put together a collection of fun things to eat! I made a mummy out of a turkey dog and pancake batter. I didn't have any dough on hand so just used that since I was making ghost pancakes for breakfast. Just took some and drizzled across and baked for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Then used a bit of mustard for the eyes with a tooth pick. Turned out pretty cute!
Made some caterpillars out of green grapes, a pop stick, frosting and mini chocolate chips
Then decorated the outside of a jello cup, cup up some red peppers and made teeth out of apples, marshmallows and jam (ran out of peanut butter) 
Pretty easy stuff to make for a special day! Happy Halloween!!

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