Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ten Free Valentine Print Off's

Valentines day is just around the corner and the kids get to have their fun Valentine exchange at school! Are you ready? I found a bunch of cute Valentines on Pinterest and thought I would share my favorites with you all! Here is a list of really cute and fun Valentines that are FREE you can print off yourself! Enjoy and don't forget to fill one out to give to your kiddos!!

"Orange You Glad" Valentines
Steph over at Crafting in the Rain is providing this cute freebie! Click HERE for the link to her page! I like how this one works for boys and girls and who doesn't love these oranges! They are also gluten free so safe in our house!! 

Despicable Me 2 Valentines

I found this one on Dollar Store Crafts. These little guys are so popular right now that they are sure to be a winner with any kiddo! I like how easy they are, all you need is a sucker to stick to them. Click HERE for the link to get the printable! 

Friend you make me laffy!

Tutto Bella Blog has a few printable Valentines to pick from but this one is our favorite! Laffy Taffy is popular in our house because we know its a "safe candy" for our diet restrictions, and its tasty! Head on over the the blog HERE for the printable! 

You Make My Heart Glow
Housewife Electric has the right idea with this one! What kid doesn't like glow sticks?! And you can find a pack of 5 at the dollar store for $1 each, win, win! Head on over to her blog HERE to get the printable! 

Hey Smartie!
Kim over at Seven Thirty Three has created a few Valentines to pick from. Smarties are also a favorite one around here so this one is our favorite Valentine, and easy to make! Head on over to her blog HERE to see the other printables and to get this one! 

Frozen Olaf Valentine's
Olaf is "the man" this winter! Frozen was such a cute movie and now one of our favorites! I wouldn't mind going to see it again. The Idea Room is offering this really cute printable! Head on over HERE and print it off to start creating! 

What Does The Fox Say?
Who doesn't know this song?! This super cute fox would be a hit in the classroom! Pink Peppermint Prints and Parties is offering this freebie! Head over to the site HERE to print off this cutie! 

Monkey Valentines 
Artsy Fartsy Mama has created these super cute monkey Valentines. I like these because you can attach a variety of things to them and mix and match it up. You could also probably just use the cards plain if you don't want to use candy. Head on over HERE to the blog to get the printables! 

A Mix Of Cards
Freebie Finding Mom is offering these cute cards for free. I like these because they are cute, colorful, and you don't have to add a treat to them if you don't want to. They are cute just as they are. Head over HERE to print these off! 

Hogs And Kisses
We LOVE pigs at our house so this is a winner in our book any day! The Silly Pearl is offering this Valentine and we love it so much, well because we love pigs!! Head over HERE to print it off and start creating! 

I hope you enjoy these freebies!

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